Let’s get unstuck! 22 days to redefine your limitations and to achieve a better you! Are you in?

“You can’t create a new future holding on to the emotions of the past.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Life has a way of becoming repetitive: we wake up every morning and eat the same breakfast, trek to the same job, converse with the same people, and experience each day as if we already know what’s coming. When we live through our pasts, we believe the future has already been paved for us. When we live within our self-perceived limitations, it’s easy to forget that we still have choices. When we wait for external factors to propel our lives into new experiences and opportunities, we often forget that we ourselves can influence change whenever we want, however we want. The truth is that we all have the capacity to pilot the course of our lives in any direction we so choose. Once we recognize that our thoughts and actions can directly dictate our future, we can begin to plant new thoughts and incite new actions.

With that being said, change is not easy, which is why we’ve created a 22-day mind and body program that is designed to push your boundaries, reaffirm your autonomy, and positively redefine your limitations. Our program will consist of a daily meditative practice compounded with a daily yoga class. The harmonization of mind and body exercises can be incredibly transformative, and allows us the opportunity for self-discovery, positive change, and newfound potential. 

What exactly will this 22-Day Challenge entail? 

Our program will involve three components: 

  1. Daily Meditation Practice: when going through the motions of our day, we often forget to take a moment to just be. Dedicating even a few minutes of our day to meditation can be enough to reground and center us. Through these few moments of spiritual awareness each day, we can gain new perspective, dissolve daily stressors, and be more attuned with ourselves and the world around us. We will be following Deepak Chopra’s meditation plan as a guide for the meditative portion of our challenge.  
  2. Daily Yoga Practice: daily exercise is crucial to physical health, and yoga is able to provide that and so much more. Committing to a daily yoga practice can reduce stress levels, clear your mind and sharpen cognitive functions, boost your energy levels, help you sleep better, and improve your overall health! We find that pushing physical limitations leads to even greater breakthroughs in other aspects of our lives. We will be mapping out suggested daily yoga classes that will pair well with each daily meditative practice. All classes are held on MixPose and can be attended directly through our platform (link).  
  3. Community & Coach: we are committed to facilitating ongoing engagement between peers and instructors. Esteemed MixPose community facilitator Johnny Madrid will be leading this challenge. Johnny will be interacting with challenge participants daily to answer any questions, provide ample motivation, and to encourage participants to meet their challenge goals. We find that having a program with preset parameters and a supportive community can serve as a helpful degree of accountability for those who need an extra boost to meet their goals!  

Where can I register and when will the challenge begin? 

The first day of the 22-day challenge will commence on May 1, 2021. Registration will close April 29th so be sure to sign up before then!  

How much will the 22-day program cost? 

The 22-day program is completely free! Upon registration, you will be provided with a code that will allow you to freely access live MixPose yoga classes. 

Sign up on the form below:

We ran our first multi-day challenge through March of 2021. Our participants’ word have inspired us to keep thiGetting Unstucks ongoing offering in MixPose.

“This experience is just what I needed. I have been meditating off and on my entire life but have never made it a priority or consistent practice. I am an anxious person by nature who feels that if I can control everything in my environment, then everything will be okay. Meditation and journaling every day helps me to realize, if even just for a few moments, that everything is already okay. I have felt a calmness and acceptance in not always having to do, but in just being.” 

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    Hi, there, I have registered the program, but haven’t received any confirmation via email. Just want to make sure that I am in, will you please email me at shurui@gmail.com?

    • We have you confirmed! Thanks for letting us know, we will check on how our confirmations are being sent.

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