Posture is a term used to describe how our muscles and skeletons hold our bodies erect against gravity. Maintaining a good posture is something we often hear from everyone, whether we are standing, sitting, or lying down. It has been known that good posture is essential to prevent pain, injuries, and other health problems.

However, poor posture can be formed as a result of bad habits carried out over the years. During this pandemic, we found ourselves at home sitting at our desk or in front of our computers all day. Poor posture can lead to many serious issues, the most common one to all being back pain.

Out of the different methods, yoga, along with its mental health benefits, has been proven to be an effective way to fight the negative effects of habits that lead to poor posture.

There are several yoga poses that will give our body awareness against our tendency to slouch. Through this awareness, we can learn to take control of our muscles and release accumulated muscle tensions.

Yoga also introduces the ability to develop core strength. Most of these poses target the muscles and joints that were affected by poor posture. If these poses are practiced regularly, they can go a long way in improving posture.

Taking steps to improve your posture can start with these 3 basic yoga poses:

Yoga Posture
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Tadasana, also known as Mountain pose. It is essentially the most simple yet challenging pose. It is mainly the foundation of proper posture, standing with correct vertical alignment. This requires the engagement of the whole body.

Downward Facing Dog for posture
Instructor Jeremy Simon demonstrating Cat-Cow pose during a MixPose virtual yoga class

Cat-Cow pose. This pose is about discovering the neutral. It will help you to know the natural curves of your spine. Aside from posture improvement, this pose is good for balance and developing strength by stretching your spine, neck, and abdomen.

Instructor Kadisha Aburub demonstrating Standing Forward Bend during a MixPose virtual yoga class

Standing Forward Bend. This can be used as a resting position from standing poses. The forward bend aims to stretch out any tightness in the tissues. Lengthening your spine and keeping it strong and flexible through this pose is a good way to improve your posture.

These simple poses can get you started in improving your posture and overall health. To take an even further step, you can join a virtual live stream yoga class at for free! There are plenty of beginner along with more advanced classes being held every day at different time slots to fit your schedule wherever you are.

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