Honor and cultivate the love for yourself and each other with this mindful challenge

22 days of yoga challenge
22 days of mind & body transformation program

Want to give yourself and your love (current or future) a gift that will last a lifetime? Here is your opportunity to complete a rigorous mind + body transformation program that will forever alter the future into which you are living. We will be completing 22 days of yoga and 22 days of meditation together!

[1] Meditation Practice: daily audio file from Deepak Chopra’s 22 Days of Renewal meditation program (15min) + journal questions (3–10min)

Meditation can give us a sense of calm, peace and balance through the act of observation and awareness creation. As we engage in a regular practice, we’ll start to notice a sense of ease and compassion towards ourselves and those around us. Journaling provides a complementary practice. When we put our thoughts to paper, we are able to clear our mind and gain perspective. It’s like giving our internal landscape a voice. Combining journaling and meditation allows us to access the wisdom from the deeper layers of our being.

[2] Yoga Practice: 22 days of consecutive yoga sessions

Our bodies are very wise. They are more than just the physical vehicle that we traverse the physical world in. Most of us spend a large part of our days in a sedentary at a desk or in front of a device. Yoga is a means for us to connect with our bodies and understand the vast knowledge they hold. Through practicing, we push ourselves to the edge of our physical capabilities and we grow stronger and wiser. Not to mention, we become fitter and potentially more attractive to our partner! For this challenge, we are offering the full 22 days for daily free yoga classes on MixPose.com.

[3] Community & Coach: support from a peer group of friends and a coach

We will all hold each other accountable for our wellness goals! When we announce our wellness goals to others along, we perceive a social risk in failing. Being secretive with our goals makes it easier to give up when the going gets tough. So take this opportunity to join your fellow yogis and start this challenge!


• Commencement: Sunday, Mar. 1st, 2021

• Set yourself up powerfully; register at this link by Mar 1st, 2021

• Requirement: a commitment to yourself, our group’s rhythm, and completing your program

  • Cost: free of charge — the code for the free access to MixPose’s live yoga classes is provided upon registration
calendar for 22 days of free yoga

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