Wellness has always been an important issue for us. COVID19 has resulted more and more people staying home, and gyms/yoga studios closing down. We want to better the experience for live streaming exercising as well as tackling the growing problem of loneliness.

MixPose is a live streaming platform designed for yoga and fitness classes, but what sets us apart is that we use real-time AI pose tracking on the mobile device itself. The information is then sent to our fitness instructors, which creates a much more immersive and interactive experience. You can download our app via Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mixpose.shiva.android

Today marks the first milestone for us as a startup! We’ve managed to push our app onto Google Play Production as the result of being a winner of the Android Developer Challenge.

MixPose Yoga Android App
Google Play

Static fitness videos only share information in one direction. But with this app, teachers can customize their lessons and directly engage with their student’s needs.

We utilize our pose-tracking function to detect each user’s movements and positions, which are then classified using Artificial Intelligence. Then, live sensors and feedback systems inform users of their alignment. Added output to video features, such as Chromecast, easily connects to larger screens for more immersive viewing.

Using Agora.io, we can host our group video chat throughout the classes, allowing teachers to monitor students in real-time. We’ve been able to build out customized controls for our instructors via Agora’s API, as well as an environment for the students; fitness instructors can monitor users’ video feed as well as pose classifications in real-time.

One of the unique feature we are building is Yoga with Friends, this allows users to create instant groups that only their friends can join; so that they can take the yoga class together via Agora’s Agora’s real-time engagement platform.


MixPose was originally born out of the AT&T 5G Hackathon, where we first had the original idea of using AI pose-tracking to enhance the experience of live streaming yoga express. We began to work on this idea back in November 2019; by January, we interviewed over 100 people, ranging from yoga instructors to potential students. After the general awareness of COVID-19 settled in, we realized that the fitness and wellness market needed such an application — one that could both provide jobs for yoga instructors and enable home fitness for users.

MixPose yoga winning hackathon

While building out the teacher’s platform, we also scored first place on NVIDIA AI at the Edge challenge, which show cases the device teacher which will be able to utilize in the future. The step by step guide is open-sourced on Hackster for those who are interested.

Nvidia AI At the Edge

Designed with the 37 million Americans who practice yoga in mind, MixPose has enlisted several yoga instructors for its launch. By innovating through AI at the Edge, 5G, and Smart TV, this platform is bringing interactive courses directly to users in the comfort of their home.

While testing out the Android application, we’ve also created a web platform for those who do not have Android. You can access the full daily schedule for free yoga at https://mixpose.com/

We invite you to come and experience our yoga classes, and feel free to provide any feedback!

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